Your Trusted Payment Partner

Y-Pay makes it possible for merchants of all sizes, to accept credit cards, and ATM debit cards to accept payments from around the world.

We support your plans for your business, no matter how big or small they are. That could mean being able to accept different types of payments and having a strong system that can protect you as you expand.

All you need is Y-PAY

Payment solutions from Y-Pay are now accessible to businesses from all around the world. Banks made opening accounts difficult for businesses. However, Y-Pay’s collaboration with acquiring banks has made it feasible for approval rates to increase. With Y-Pay and a range of worldwide acquirers, all merchants may now choose the payment method that best suits their company. The Y-Pay team has built an all-inclusive payment acceptance solution to satisfy all business needs.

  • Credit Card Payments

    Credit Card Payments

    Y-Pay provides its users the option of using their respective credit cards in order to successfully complete the payment process. Customers have the option of topping up their accounts with their credit or debit cards, as well as using their cards to pay for purchases.
  • Collect Payments

    Collect Payments

    A straightforward, safe, and affordable method of receiving money will simplify doing business internationally. Utilize local accounts to hasten the collection process, improve the payment experience for your customers, and provide leading-edge services — all with an easy-to-integrate Y-PAY API.
  • Cross Border Payments

    Cross Border Payments

    Make payment globally in the most efficient way possible, and then manage the entire journey, including automation, fee sharing, payment tracking, and payout currencies.
  • Merchant Account

    Merchant Account

    Y-Pay offers online companies the option of opening an Internet Merchant Account, which enables them to monetize their business and accept payments online.
  • Quick Checkout

    Quick Checkout

    You may easily and safely collect payments with Y-Pay’s Quick Checkout, which is a secure payment page. With our streamlined and flexible checkout process, you can ensure that your customers have a pleasant time making payments. It is a safe, friendly, and secure environment.

About Us

Y-Pay has made it easy, safe, and inexpensive for businesses of any size to accept payments. Y-Pay gives businesses, software integrators, and payment facilitators the tools they need to make it easy to set up payment processing. With Y-Pay, it’s easy for businesses to get paid by their customers.

Y-Pay makes it easier and safer to handle payments. We’ve got you covered for everything from immediate onboarding settlements to accounting and merchant funding.

Our Services

Processing in Multiple Currencies

Take your online business worldwide. Accept payments in your customers’ local currencies all across the globe. There are no special linkages to any currency.


Multiple merchant accounts are available for your online business. Switch between your merchant accounts based on your company requirements.

Settlement in Multiple Currencies

You are free to choose the currency in which you will accept payments and settle accounts. Cross-border settlement

Fraud & Risk Management

Prevention of fraud via the use of robust screening techniques. Options for the control of risks associated with your online business.

Reporting and Transaction Management

You can easily view, manage, and share transaction details and meet reconciliation requirements with Y-fully Pay’s automated and customizable reporting system.

Serve all clients

A variety of integrated payment methods that can accommodate the demands of all clients and help you acquire new ones. Accept payments at any time of day with access available 24/7.

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